About “Beyond Belief”

The film-based experience There is a Field is produced and presented by Beyond Belief, LLC. The film is the latest in a series of products and services further supporting the mission of Beyond Belief to connect people to The Field and inspire their active partnership with it. In addition to this film-based project, Beyond Belief has produced a book (NexGen Human – A Modern Age Path to Fulfillment), five guided meditations (Journey to Source, Love Expander, Shift-It, Power Visioning Process, and Affirmation Activation), and a yearlong proprietary coaching program.

Beyond Belief: The Purpose

The purpose of Beyond Belief is to maximize humanity’s connection to The Field and inspire active partnership with it.

Beyond Belief: The Mission

There is a field of intelligence guiding the unfolding of the Universe. As human beings we play an important and integral role in this evolutionary unfolding, perhaps now more than ever before. As part of this unfolding, we have been given the unique gift and power of choice and are able to choose our level of participation and partnership with this field in the unfolding of the Universe. At Beyond Belief, we have chosen to maximize our partnership with this field and be a vehicle through which others can choose and maximize their own partnership with it.

Just as everything in nature has a built-in, inherent blueprint deep within itself, guiding its unfolding and life path, so does each and every human being. It is from this deep field of energetic intelligence, deep within each of us, that we can access, express, and live the best that life has to offer. From this field flow the highest levels of integrity, inspiration, courage, love, peace, compassion, creativity and wisdom that humanity is capable of. When we are truly tapped into our own unique aspect of this intelligent energy, into our own individual blueprint, there is a knowing – beyond thoughts and beyond thinking – that emerges, inspiring and guiding our own right actions. These right actions result in ideal outcomes for all.

Everyone has a purpose, an individual internal blueprint, they are here to create and manifest. We have bodies, minds, hearts, and souls to enable us to create, experience, and fulfill our unique purpose on this physical plane. To not manifest one’s personal destiny is to suffer. Beyond Belief relieves suffering by connecting people to The Field and empowering their own unique personal expression and manifestation. One-by-one, as individuals connect and come from this deeper place, humanity is uplifted as a whole.

Ultimately, the mission of Beyond Belief is to shift the place from which people are coming from: from a place of separation and fear, to a place of connection and love.

Beyond Belief: The Call to Action

Support the shift from fear to love:

Yes, I hear the call and resonate with the mission of Beyond Belief. I desire to deepen my connection to The Field and support others to do the same. I am happy to contribute to the development and release of the film-based experience There is a Field, shifting the source of action for humanity from fear to love:

Fundraising Goal = $100K 

Goal is 1,000 + backers supporting at the $100 + pledge level.

All supporters contributing $100 or more will have their name included in the credits for the film! Acknowledging and memorializing your support of this crucial shift for humanity!

Levels of contribution:



Thank You Gifts



As a reward for being awesome and contributing to the shift you’ll get a thank you email from the There is a Field team!



Connect to the Field Affirmation Kit – includes 30 daily cards and a guided meditation audio CD program – plus a thank you email from the team.



Love Expander Guided Meditation CD, plus everything above 



Journey to Source Guided Meditation CD, plus everything above



Power Visioning Process Guided Meditation CD, plus everything above



Shift-It Audio CD, plus Special Thanks credit on official film website, plus everything above



Signed copy of NexGen Human book, plus everything above



Pledge $250.00 and receive everything above PLUS exclusive signed film postcard and personal letter from director Roger Kenneth Marsh 



“There has been a great and ordered classification and mechanisation, a great discovery and practical result of increasing knowledge, but only on the physical surface of things. Vast abysses of Truth lie below in which are concealed the real springs, the mysterious powers and secretly decisive influences of existence.” Sri Aurobindo

“A perfected community can exist only by the perfection of its individuals, and perfection can come only by the discovery and affirmation in life by each of his own spiritual being and the discovery by all of their spiritual unity and a resultant life unity.” Sri Aurobindo

A Journey from Fear to Love